Tifani Triumph: Eden, Bethany, Andrew and Jonah

Elders, teenagers and babies.  That seems to be the flow these days.  Eden and Oliver are growing old, Bethany is having marriage saver babies, Joanne and Andrew are starting their family and Jonah is still a teen struggling in a grown up world.  Can this week bring them any balance?

Eden's House
Nicholas is a teen, Eden an elder and Oliver is coming up right behind her.  What will this week bring the happy household?

Oliver aged to elder not long after returning to the homestead.  He's such a stereotypical elder at that!  What is with those pants?
Meanwhile Nicholas is embracing all that is the teenage years; part time job, hitting on the girls, and finding the one that he thinks he want's to spend his life with.
He met Gretchen Jefferies and it was all down hill from there.  He had it bad, and apparently she reciprocated.  They were going steady before the day was out.  While Nicholas is falling in forever love he's also working has way up the job ladder.  He maxed out his military teen career the same night that Oliver finally achieved his lifetime want of Celebrity Chef.
Oliver's new lifetime want?  Woohoo 20 sims, yup not happening.  He's too old to even get near that and too married and in love with Eden to try!  Maybe next life buddy.  

Bethany's House
Tabitha is past ready to be a teenager while Samantha is ready to grow up and learn her toddler skills.

Day One and it's birthdays.  Tabitha turned to teen, finally, that morning and later that evening Samantha negotiated her way into the toddler years.
And skilling it is.  Samantha breezed through her toddler skills with a little help from the whole family.  And you said having a save the marriage baby was a bad thing!
The rest of the week was fairly uneventful.  Bethany has already maxed her career while Troy struggles just staying focused enough to gain skills.  He had one minor promotion this week but still has a long way to go, and he's closing on elder like a freight train toward the depot. The last event of the week was yet another combo birthday.  Bethany crossed the line to elder while Samantha is going off to school next week.

Andrew's House
Joanne has her clothing back on and Natalie is ready to hit the books at school.

So apparently I had forgotten about a little surprise that Joanne popped on me not long after joining their household this week.
 Yup, yet another Triumph baby on the way.  And no, that is not yet more evidence of sim's hoarding thank you very much!  Just a few days later baby Gregory made his appearance into the family.
Joanne, for the record it's too late to keep your knees together, won't stop things now.

Before long Andrew was promoted to Chief of Staff and maxed out the medical career as well as his Life Time Want.  I failed as the Almighty however and did not get the appropriate pictures.  Just imagine, if you will, the elation he felt.  It wasn't long, however, before baby Gregory wasn't a baby anymore.
He grew up kinda stinky and Daddy, who was holding him, was so drop dead tired since Gregory refused to grow up on time, that he sat him down and off to bed.  Joanne was able to pry herself out of bed to change him and tuck him into his crib.

Next week Gregory will grow up to child with full toddler skills in play.  However, before we leave for the week Andrew and Natalie have birthday's to celebrate as well.
Andrew has entered the golden years with his new lifetime want to celebrate his golden anniversary.  We'll discover Natalie's lifetime want once we return.

Jonah's House
Though still a teen, and having recently lost his Mom, Jonah is determined to establish himself as a worthy heir to the family home and future generations.  He still has dad to lean on and learn from, for now.  But not one moment is guaranteed where Grimmy is concerned.

It was mostly an uneventful week, mostly.  Samuel struggled to maintain enough friends to get his final promotion and max out career.  Come Thursday afternoon however it didn't matter any longer.  He was home alone, giving me an absolutely horrible angle as he faced the wall when Grimmy showed up uninvited.  Poor Jonah, still a teen and not even home to say goodbye.  However, Samuel is back where he belongs, with Gwen.
Poor Jonah, still a teen when he lost his only parent.
Jonah struggled with his hurt and anger over the next two days until his birthday arrived.  I can't begin to imagine how hard it must have been to feel like celebrating after what had just happened.
Well, that doesn't bode well does it?
It only makes sense that reaching adulthood as an orphan would require a visit from the Shrink.  Let's hope that somehow the Shrink is able to impart some self-help skills as he continues to navigate life. He's an orphaned adult, single with no prospects but he has inherited quite a home!

And just because I can...the nose that just keeps on giving!

When we return?  The college kids are back!

The Culling: The Maker's Notes (Chapter 5.5)

Okay, y'all..these two are growing on me. Glenna has always had my heart but I never expected to love Ames just as much.

When Glenna dropped it on Ames that she wanted to be a Willow...I was floored. This is new territory for me. It's something I never really expected. I never really expected that I'd allow myself to follow their lead and get into the head of my sims.

I truly think that Glenna's ready to open her heart to Ames. They've only known each other for a short while but she would never open her heart by clinging to the Montgomery name. For once, Glenna had to let down her defenses and give everything for a chance at real love. Whether this actually happens or not is to be seen but I think she's really serious about it.

I chose not to show their "bedroom scene" in the chapters of The Culling. This was one part lack of romance interactions in TS4 and oddly, I felt like they deserved their privacy.  Yes, I understand they're sims and they don't give a hoot...but I do. I felt they deserved a small slice of happiness away from the Maker and the Maker's audience.

Anyway, there's not much yet to update in the way of promotions yet...we're working on it. Glenna has three days off from work and Ames is struggling with some guilt over his life of crime. Yeah...yeah, don't even say it. I've lost my marbles and I'm strangely okay with that.

This whole "letting my sims do what they want" thing is so new to me. It's all Fizzy's fault. I'm blaming her for this emotional upset that I'm feeling over letting them do what they want!

Shaking my head, y'all. Someone please save me from this insanity!

Gemini: The Crime Boss (Chapter 5)

Night had fallen and Ames was pacing in fury. Where was she? Had she ran off and chosen to break their vows?  He'd been respectful and kept his distance. He had cleaned up after himself and slept on a cot, never once forcing himself on her.  This was dangerous and she knew it. "Blast it, Glenna! Where are you?" His fist connected with the punching bag.  He poured his fury, his worry into beating the bag into submission.

The sound of a door opening reached his ears and he stilled. "Please, let it be Glenna."  He threw the gloves to the floor and walked up the narrow stairs of the bunker.

Glenna had collapsed against the door. Her face was ashen and tears rolled down her cheeks. Something was wrong.  She was just standing there, broken, and beautiful. He ached to take her in his arms. To ease her pain. He paused.

"Ames, she's alive...my mom. She's, alive!"  She began to tell him about running into her mother when she had gone for her run.   They'd sat for hours, trying to piece everything together.

And then, Glenna had returned home. Their home.  She'd found her mother—family. So, why had she returned? She was no longer alone. She had family—her true family. Surely she didn't need him.

He frowned. Unsure of what to say. He was happy for her but his heart ached. He didn't want to lose her.

  "Glenna, I...I'm happy for you, truly I am. But, what does this mean for us?"

Glenna closed the distance between them.  She peered into his eyes and placed her hand on his chest. His heart quickened, causing her to pull her hand back. Understanding now that he was as attracted to her as she had been to him.  He pulled her closer and covered her mouth with his.  She responded, slowly and then with more intensity. She wove her hands through his hair, urging him to deepen the kiss. 

Suddenly, Ames pushed her away as if he had been burned.  His eyes were filled with regret and longing.

"Glenna, I'm so sorry." His gaze fell to the floor, "I shouldn't have done that."

Glenna cupped his face, "Ames, I promised to be your wife.  I intend to keep that promise.  I want to be your wife, in every way.  And not just physically, I want the world to know that I belong to you. I want to be a Willow. I'm ready to love you the way. If you'll allow me."

Ames met her gaze, "I love you, Glenna.  You're my family, my home.  I'm happy to be a Montgomery if it means I get to be with you. We can talk about this later. Right now, I just want to be with you."

He scooped her up in his arms and carried her to the bedroom, letting the door close behind them.

 A relationship that had been forged out of convenience would hold challenges. But Ames and Glenna had found real love and that would make every challenge worthwhile.

Tifani Triumph: Zachariah, Isabella, Issac and John

We are 2/3 through the Other Houses and slowly but surely changes are coming to all the houses.  Generations are rotating, sims living and dying and being born.  Just pixilated life happening before our eyes.

Zachariah's House
Merry and Shayla have entered the teenage years, Beth is soon to be off to school herself, and mom and dad are just getting by in a house full of girls.
 LeShawn, what the heck have ya'll done?!?  You were done!  You have your heir!  Why do you hate me? LeShawn wanted a baby.  Zachariah wanted to try for a son.  They hate me.  That is all.

Meanwhile, while LeShawn is plotting my demise (though not miserably thank you very much) Beth was growing up to child.
She's a cute kid with a great personality.  She's content, happy, and easy to please.  She's going to make an amazing heir.  While Beth is settling into the idea of school and responsibility the new baby is ready to make an appearance.
Welcome baby number 4.  No more ya'lls ok?  No. More.  And with LeShawn and Zachariah days away from elder I think that problem is now solved.
Welcome baby Emma.  No boys for Zachariah.  Sorry toots!  It wasn't long before Emma was ready to take on the world of toddlerhood.  Skills galore!
Next time, LeShawn and Zachariah age to elder and Emma to child.  Oh the homework!

Isabella's House
Jason is growing older and Books and Brew is climbing the ranks to top ranked business. Camilla needs to make some major life decisions as well.  What will the week bring?

 Overall it was a slow week at Isabella's house, though there were some huge developments during the lull.  Before we get too far wish Jason a Happy Birthday!
Jason makes such a dapper elder doesn't he?  And he's happy!  Overall just content with life.  He's got a few vacation days to take and then retirement.  It's time to focus on the business!  Both him and Isabella are taking turns going in and making things happen.  With a lot of time (hours!) and dedication Books and Brew is now a level 10 business.  It doesn't get any better than that.  However, due to an Almighty oversight, I haven't groomed an employee for management so there's that still to happen.  But Isabella and Jason couldn't be happier!  They are trying to decide now what their second business should be.  Any ideas?  Toss them at me already!
Level 10!
Issac's House
Stephen is doing well at college and Alexander may be joining him there soon.  There's still two teenagers in the house so no rest for Issac and Christy.  With the sneaking out issue they must be on their toes!

There's not a lot going on this week that is exciting, interesting or photo worthy.  Alexander decided that college may hold the key to chasing his dreams and without a lot of fanfare set out to join his brother at the university.
 We will catch up with him and all the other current students later.  Later that week Issac maxed out his career in business, again without much fanfare as it's not his lifetime goal or anything.  That same day a chance card caused Andrea to be demoted.  She was pretty steamed about it at first but adjusted, and got her promotion back, pretty quickly.

Andrea is going to have to make some college decisions pretty quick once we return.  She's worried about leaving her aging parents all alone but at the same time knows that a good education will help to fuel her culinary dreams further as well.

John's House
John and Meadow are basking in their elder years, Skylar is off to college and Lark is dealing with the bane of every child...homework.  That and we need to get more pets a breedin' round the house!

John and Meadow decided to keep Kissee to attempt more puppies with Scout.  It's taking a good while for their relationship to develop but finally we are expecting puppies!  Meanwhile, Jake's time came and Grimmy showed up to escort him to the great beyond.
Yes, Jake needed a bath.  John was working on the pet bathing when this encounter happened.  Poor Suzi was just lost without her sidekick.

The only other happening of note is that Lark grew up to a teenager this week.
She's a popularity sim with a desire to become a celebrity chef.  And she seriously needs to reconsider her choice in clothing!

Until next time...

Life of Kessie: Inevitable

Hi, everyone! I am finally back after a long and very busy work schedule. The bistro is driving me nuts! Every day for the past three months, I have been there working 12 hours, coming home and writing my cookbook, and helping Pierce with his restaurant. So this right here, is my much-needed break. I'm actually getting great at this painting thing. Hopefully, I can sell this to the art gallery for some extra cash.

While I was painting, Pierce decided to pay me a visit. It was cool to see Dechie, especially since it's been a few weeks. We didn't talk about the "date" much since we went on it - so he decided to talk to me about it now. 

We watched the stars, since everyone was on Comet Watch. I guess you can consider this a second "date". He finally decided to talk about it. He spoke about how fun it was, and how he was looking forward to going out again. I honestly didn't think anything of it, only two friends hanging out. 

Pierce Decheneaux dropped a serious bomb on me. Why, Dechie? WHYYYYY!? He confessed his feelings for me. Really? Now? He spilled it all - how he always liked me, even when we were rivals. How he started really liking me in college and didn't care too much for me being in a relationship with Connor. How he wanted to make me happy. I will admit, he really sounded sincere - but I couldn't. It's not that I don't like Pierce.....but it's PIERCE! Okay, so he is rather hot, can dance, and we have a lot of things in common. However....


What, Human?

CN: You will NOT do this to Pierce. Going one better, you will NOT do this to yourself. 

What are you talking about?

CN: Kessie? Seriously? He likes you. We all can see that he likes you. Oh, and you know full well that you like him too. So, how about we stop with this nonsense and just be with him already! He is not Connor. You two are great for each other, so how about you give the man a chance? 

What if I get hurt again?

CN: You won't. 

How do you know?

CN: YOU WON'T! Trust me, you will not be hurt again. He digs you and to be honest, the both of you have nothing to gain from this relationship but love. You and I both know that you want to kiss him, so go for it!  Do I have to sing "Kiss the Girl" from The Little Mermaid?


CN: Pierce?


CN: Go for it...NOW! 

What? Um....he kissed me! I am kissing Pierce Decheneaux! I must say, it feels great. We feel great. I know, I know - this was inevitable. From the beginning, everyone sensed the romantic tension between Pierce and I. Now, everyone (including us) will be happy. I am in shock and taking all of this in. Pierce and I? Dating? Sweet!  Now, I'm going to finish making out with this gorgeous man. Catch ya later :D 

Until Next Time, 

Kessie :)