The Culling: The Maker's Notes (Chapter 7.5)

With the dreams of unlocking chef dashed because I thought Glenna needed only six gourmet skill points as a teen...I have had to shift my focus to unlocking the author skill so that books can be ordered from the bookshelf.

The libraries and the bookstores are gone. Only stray books can be found these days. If your Sim wants to read more than the handful of books that come with new bookshelves, they had better hope they  know a local author or write one themselves.

You may not order books from bookshelves or online, and may not visit library lots (even if visiting other lots is otherwise allowed).
The written word is indeed powerful and your prolific author has penned enough books to restock the entire region and setup an ordering service for sims to buy books from the outside world. The money earned from all this is used to rebuild the regional libraries.
The maker is not pleased at this latest development. I am beyond frustrated with myself.

Gemini: The Crime Boss (Chapter 7)

Glenna gave a low moan. She never dreamed that she would be giving birth to her first baby in the basement of a bunker—alone. 

With phone lines down, there was no time to call Ames back from work and it was entirely too dangerous for Glenna to make the trip from her bunker to her mother's campsite.

She was alone but she wasn't about to let Ames down. She grit her teeth and determined to deliver him a healthy child.  After several agonizing hours, little Harper Willow made her appearance. 

Ames and Glenna were overjoyed with the birth of their first daughter and set about caring for her to the bet of their ability. It's most important for the Willow children to help right society.

Time went on and before they knew it, Harper was a sweet toddler and Glenna was promoted to Sous Chef. Which is when she realized that there was a fatal flaw in her plans to max chef. Though she had maxed cooking skills...she had not maxed her gourmet cooking skills. Which means that she cannot complete the chef career. With a heavy heart, she broke the news to Ames and put in the paperwork to request a career change to become a writer. Though her plans had changed, she was determine to also see the library restored so that her daughter had the best chance to succeed.

Hours after this major upset, Glenna realized that she was pregnant with her second child. Ames was concerned as to whether there would be enough harvestable food for the four of them. But, he was also happy.

With Harper's birthday just around the corner and this baby due to arrive in eight more months...Glenna is hopeful that she will have advanced to the top of her career so that she can devote time to mentoring her children.

Will she successfully restore the library to it's former glory or will all of her efforts be for nought?

Gemini: The Crime Boss (Chapter 6)

Glenna stretched to relieve her aching muscles. The bed had been more uncomfortable than usual. In fact, Glenna couldn't remember feeling every spring in the mattress. It didn't help that she had been sick for the last three weeks. All day, every day.

Still, things were good. Glenna smiled as she considered how life had changed for her and Ames. They were growing closer and enjoying each other's company.  Her face flushed as she thought on how they spent their evenings together.

Still, there were plenty of challenges to overcome. Repairing the gas lines and electric grid to bring fresh food back to the region was top priority. Especially since Glenna began to suspect that their family would be growing.  If her calculations were correct and her nausea was any indication, she had seven months to make appeals, advance her career and drum up support for the food and power restoration act. Already she had made friends with several local politicians. Only two things stood in their way—Maverick Willow and a solid plan that was ready to implement.

Anarchist, under the control of Ames' brother, Maverick, kept local politicians too afraid to make changes, even if they were ready to move forward.  Ames' began to work harder than ever to take down Anarchist. Though, playing the role of bad-guy was very taxing on him, emotionally and spiritually. 

Still, there was no choice. To restore order, Maverick Willow had to be overthrown and no one could get close to do that except for Ames. He had the connections, the family name and the know-how.

Months passed, Glenna and her mother were able to grow close to one another. There was so much to make up for and still there were questions that neither of them could answer.  Such as why Mirabella Grimm showed no signs of aging, why she rescued Glenna or what her role was—if any—in the downfall of Windenburg.  Who was responsible for the culling and the rise of Gemini?

Heidi shared the fears she had after giving birth to Glenna. The dreams that had plagued her and the deep sense of loss that she had.  Was her depression a result of the traumatic birth or had Mirabella done something to her that day? Oh, how she wished she could remember!

Time marched steadily on, each day brought them closer to the birth of their first baby as well as to each other. Glenna did in fact change her name, much to the delight of her mother who was pleased that her daughter had found someone to love.  The Montgomery family was no more. But, it felt right. One thing Ames' and Glenna knew was certain, their love for one another would carry each other through any secret that they would uncover.

Life of Kessie: Can I Get A.......

Did you miss me? Because I missed you guys a LOT!! Sorry I haven't updated in a while, but before I get to the current day, I just want to blame my lovely creator for the long absence

CN: Really, Kessie? 


CN: Okay, I'm sorry everyone. I know it has been several months since I posted an update. Now, can we continue your lovefest, or are we going to have a typical Kessie dramafest?

I am not full of drama, human?

CN: Just get on with the story already, before you have another mood swing.

HEY! No spoiling! Any way...... As you can see, Pierce and I are going strong. He is an awesome boyfriend that I thought I would never have again after Connor. We make an awesome couple, don't ya think?

Pierce and Chaxeau are going great! Every week, we're in my kitchen after work trying new recipes to bring the restaurant up another notch. As painful as it was, I had to quit the bistro and I am now co-owner and a chef at Chaxeau. Life is definitely great right now, as I now have time to finally write my cookbook!

This particular day was the best day I've ever had. I managed to wake up earlier than usual - which is surprising for a day off.

He surprised me with an awesome meal and decided to take me out on a very nice date. He wouldn't tell me where, or why. All I know, was that this was the best lobster I've ever had - and I can make a pretty awesome lobster. 

At this point, I knew why he kept everything a secret. He PROPOSED!!!!! Right in the middle of Sunset Valley Park, where we grew up. I didn't know what to say, or what to do. I did the only thing that I could do....

I said YES! I will admit that I love Pierce Decheneaux, and also fell in love with him. I didn't know I could be happy with someone who was my rival growing up. It just seems right, ya know? 

CN: For a brief history of Kessie and Pierce, feel free to read through the college years :)


CN: Can I say before I go, that I told you so?

You knew this was happening?

CN: Yup! I'm not the Creator of Hotties for nothing. You two love each other and were made for each other. Literally.....I made you both. So now, enjoy your engagement while I go grab this bottle of....

And goodbyyyyyyye, Human! I can't wait to plan the wedding. Oh wow! I'm getting married! Someone pinch me!! 

Until next time,
Kessie :)

Tifani Triumph: Eden, Bethany, Andrew and Jonah

Elders, teenagers and babies.  That seems to be the flow these days.  Eden and Oliver are growing old, Bethany is having marriage saver babies, Joanne and Andrew are starting their family and Jonah is still a teen struggling in a grown up world.  Can this week bring them any balance?

Eden's House
Nicholas is a teen, Eden an elder and Oliver is coming up right behind her.  What will this week bring the happy household?

Oliver aged to elder not long after returning to the homestead.  He's such a stereotypical elder at that!  What is with those pants?
Meanwhile Nicholas is embracing all that is the teenage years; part time job, hitting on the girls, and finding the one that he thinks he want's to spend his life with.
He met Gretchen Jefferies and it was all down hill from there.  He had it bad, and apparently she reciprocated.  They were going steady before the day was out.  While Nicholas is falling in forever love he's also working has way up the job ladder.  He maxed out his military teen career the same night that Oliver finally achieved his lifetime want of Celebrity Chef.
Oliver's new lifetime want?  Woohoo 20 sims, yup not happening.  He's too old to even get near that and too married and in love with Eden to try!  Maybe next life buddy.  

Bethany's House
Tabitha is past ready to be a teenager while Samantha is ready to grow up and learn her toddler skills.

Day One and it's birthdays.  Tabitha turned to teen, finally, that morning and later that evening Samantha negotiated her way into the toddler years.
And skilling it is.  Samantha breezed through her toddler skills with a little help from the whole family.  And you said having a save the marriage baby was a bad thing!
The rest of the week was fairly uneventful.  Bethany has already maxed her career while Troy struggles just staying focused enough to gain skills.  He had one minor promotion this week but still has a long way to go, and he's closing on elder like a freight train toward the depot. The last event of the week was yet another combo birthday.  Bethany crossed the line to elder while Samantha is going off to school next week.

Andrew's House
Joanne has her clothing back on and Natalie is ready to hit the books at school.

So apparently I had forgotten about a little surprise that Joanne popped on me not long after joining their household this week.
 Yup, yet another Triumph baby on the way.  And no, that is not yet more evidence of sim's hoarding thank you very much!  Just a few days later baby Gregory made his appearance into the family.
Joanne, for the record it's too late to keep your knees together, won't stop things now.

Before long Andrew was promoted to Chief of Staff and maxed out the medical career as well as his Life Time Want.  I failed as the Almighty however and did not get the appropriate pictures.  Just imagine, if you will, the elation he felt.  It wasn't long, however, before baby Gregory wasn't a baby anymore.
He grew up kinda stinky and Daddy, who was holding him, was so drop dead tired since Gregory refused to grow up on time, that he sat him down and off to bed.  Joanne was able to pry herself out of bed to change him and tuck him into his crib.

Next week Gregory will grow up to child with full toddler skills in play.  However, before we leave for the week Andrew and Natalie have birthday's to celebrate as well.
Andrew has entered the golden years with his new lifetime want to celebrate his golden anniversary.  We'll discover Natalie's lifetime want once we return.

Jonah's House
Though still a teen, and having recently lost his Mom, Jonah is determined to establish himself as a worthy heir to the family home and future generations.  He still has dad to lean on and learn from, for now.  But not one moment is guaranteed where Grimmy is concerned.

It was mostly an uneventful week, mostly.  Samuel struggled to maintain enough friends to get his final promotion and max out career.  Come Thursday afternoon however it didn't matter any longer.  He was home alone, giving me an absolutely horrible angle as he faced the wall when Grimmy showed up uninvited.  Poor Jonah, still a teen and not even home to say goodbye.  However, Samuel is back where he belongs, with Gwen.
Poor Jonah, still a teen when he lost his only parent.
Jonah struggled with his hurt and anger over the next two days until his birthday arrived.  I can't begin to imagine how hard it must have been to feel like celebrating after what had just happened.
Well, that doesn't bode well does it?
It only makes sense that reaching adulthood as an orphan would require a visit from the Shrink.  Let's hope that somehow the Shrink is able to impart some self-help skills as he continues to navigate life. He's an orphaned adult, single with no prospects but he has inherited quite a home!

And just because I can...the nose that just keeps on giving!

When we return?  The college kids are back!