Tifani Triumph: Zachariah, Isabella, Issac and John

We are 2/3 through the Other Houses and slowly but surely changes are coming to all the houses.  Generations are rotating, sims living and dying and being born.  Just pixilated life happening before our eyes.

Zachariah's House
Merry and Shayla have entered the teenage years, Beth is soon to be off to school herself, and mom and dad are just getting by in a house full of girls.
 LeShawn, what the heck have ya'll done?!?  You were done!  You have your heir!  Why do you hate me? LeShawn wanted a baby.  Zachariah wanted to try for a son.  They hate me.  That is all.

Meanwhile, while LeShawn is plotting my demise (though not miserably thank you very much) Beth was growing up to child.
She's a cute kid with a great personality.  She's content, happy, and easy to please.  She's going to make an amazing heir.  While Beth is settling into the idea of school and responsibility the new baby is ready to make an appearance.
Welcome baby number 4.  No more ya'lls ok?  No. More.  And with LeShawn and Zachariah days away from elder I think that problem is now solved.
Welcome baby Emma.  No boys for Zachariah.  Sorry toots!  It wasn't long before Emma was ready to take on the world of toddlerhood.  Skills galore!
Next time, LeShawn and Zachariah age to elder and Emma to child.  Oh the homework!

Isabella's House
Jason is growing older and Books and Brew is climbing the ranks to top ranked business. Camilla needs to make some major life decisions as well.  What will the week bring?

 Overall it was a slow week at Isabella's house, though there were some huge developments during the lull.  Before we get too far wish Jason a Happy Birthday!
Jason makes such a dapper elder doesn't he?  And he's happy!  Overall just content with life.  He's got a few vacation days to take and then retirement.  It's time to focus on the business!  Both him and Isabella are taking turns going in and making things happen.  With a lot of time (hours!) and dedication Books and Brew is now a level 10 business.  It doesn't get any better than that.  However, due to an Almighty oversight, I haven't groomed an employee for management so there's that still to happen.  But Isabella and Jason couldn't be happier!  They are trying to decide now what their second business should be.  Any ideas?  Toss them at me already!
Level 10!
Issac's House
Stephen is doing well at college and Alexander may be joining him there soon.  There's still two teenagers in the house so no rest for Issac and Christy.  With the sneaking out issue they must be on their toes!

There's not a lot going on this week that is exciting, interesting or photo worthy.  Alexander decided that college may hold the key to chasing his dreams and without a lot of fanfare set out to join his brother at the university.
 We will catch up with him and all the other current students later.  Later that week Issac maxed out his career in business, again without much fanfare as it's not his lifetime goal or anything.  That same day a chance card caused Andrea to be demoted.  She was pretty steamed about it at first but adjusted, and got her promotion back, pretty quickly.

Andrea is going to have to make some college decisions pretty quick once we return.  She's worried about leaving her aging parents all alone but at the same time knows that a good education will help to fuel her culinary dreams further as well.

John's House
John and Meadow are basking in their elder years, Skylar is off to college and Lark is dealing with the bane of every child...homework.  That and we need to get more pets a breedin' round the house!

John and Meadow decided to keep Kissee to attempt more puppies with Scout.  It's taking a good while for their relationship to develop but finally we are expecting puppies!  Meanwhile, Jake's time came and Grimmy showed up to escort him to the great beyond.
Yes, Jake needed a bath.  John was working on the pet bathing when this encounter happened.  Poor Suzi was just lost without her sidekick.

The only other happening of note is that Lark grew up to a teenager this week.
She's a popularity sim with a desire to become a celebrity chef.  And she seriously needs to reconsider her choice in clothing!

Until next time...

Life of Kessie: Inevitable

Hi, everyone! I am finally back after a long and very busy work schedule. The bistro is driving me nuts! Every day for the past three months, I have been there working 12 hours, coming home and writing my cookbook, and helping Pierce with his restaurant. So this right here, is my much-needed break. I'm actually getting great at this painting thing. Hopefully, I can sell this to the art gallery for some extra cash.

While I was painting, Pierce decided to pay me a visit. It was cool to see Dechie, especially since it's been a few weeks. We didn't talk about the "date" much since we went on it - so he decided to talk to me about it now. 

We watched the stars, since everyone was on Comet Watch. I guess you can consider this a second "date". He finally decided to talk about it. He spoke about how fun it was, and how he was looking forward to going out again. I honestly didn't think anything of it, only two friends hanging out. 

Pierce Decheneaux dropped a serious bomb on me. Why, Dechie? WHYYYYY!? He confessed his feelings for me. Really? Now? He spilled it all - how he always liked me, even when we were rivals. How he started really liking me in college and didn't care too much for me being in a relationship with Connor. How he wanted to make me happy. I will admit, he really sounded sincere - but I couldn't. It's not that I don't like Pierce.....but it's PIERCE! Okay, so he is rather hot, can dance, and we have a lot of things in common. However....


What, Human?

CN: You will NOT do this to Pierce. Going one better, you will NOT do this to yourself. 

What are you talking about?

CN: Kessie? Seriously? He likes you. We all can see that he likes you. Oh, and you know full well that you like him too. So, how about we stop with this nonsense and just be with him already! He is not Connor. You two are great for each other, so how about you give the man a chance? 

What if I get hurt again?

CN: You won't. 

How do you know?

CN: YOU WON'T! Trust me, you will not be hurt again. He digs you and to be honest, the both of you have nothing to gain from this relationship but love. You and I both know that you want to kiss him, so go for it!  Do I have to sing "Kiss the Girl" from The Little Mermaid?


CN: Pierce?


CN: Go for it...NOW! 

What? Um....he kissed me! I am kissing Pierce Decheneaux! I must say, it feels great. We feel great. I know, I know - this was inevitable. From the beginning, everyone sensed the romantic tension between Pierce and I. Now, everyone (including us) will be happy. I am in shock and taking all of this in. Pierce and I? Dating? Sweet!  Now, I'm going to finish making out with this gorgeous man. Catch ya later :D 

Until Next Time, 

Kessie :)

Gemini: The Crime Boss (Chapter 4)

Ames threw another punch—determined to ignore the fact that Glenna had slipped won the stairs and climbed onto the bed to take a nap.  "Not going there, buddy. You don't stand a chance with her for real." He shook his head and threw another punch.

It was two weeks ago that he had moved from his brother's compound and in with Glenna.  She had been friendly and opened her home to him without complaint but she was distant and he knew in no uncertain terms that romance was off the table. So, why was he thinking so much about her?

He slipped the gloves off went upstairs. He needed time to clear his head and that meant putting distance between himself and Glenna. She had gotten under his skin—something he hadn't really anticipated. Sure, he found her attractive but he had been so focused on the end goal that he hadn't given a relationship much thought.  Now? He couldn't think of anything else except for what it'd be like to kiss her and that was not going to happen.

Glenna heard Ames leave the room and she sighed in frustration.  He had been true to his word, he'd been kind. He had not harmed her in any way. But, he also hadn't dared so much as flirt with her and truthfully, Glenna felt a bit lonely.  Why couldn't they enjoy each other's company?  Maybe some harmless flirting or dancing? It's not like she expected an honest to goodness romance but she had to admit that she'd imagined kissing him more than a few times.

She slipped from the bed and decided to go for a jog.  Maybe the brisk evening air would do her some good—or at least take her mind off of kissing Ames Willow.  Ames Willow-Montgomery as he was going by these days. It was so weird to her. Why would Ames give up the Willow name? I mean, it's not like she'd give up being a Montgomery but he hadn't even asked her what her preference would be.  Could she be his wife that way? Give up her identity? No, he was right, there's no way she would give up being a Montgomery. Especially not to be a Willow.  Funny, she'd known Ames less than a month and he seemed to know her better than she knew herself.

 Glenna opened the door and stepped out into the cool air.  Ames had fallen asleep on the couch and she felt bad about not having the decency to let him get a good night's sleep in the bed. It's not like they had to do anything. What harm would there be in letting him sleep in the bed?  She knew him well enough at this point to trust he'd not try anything. Problem is, did she trust herself?

She did a quick survey of her surroundings.  She felt out of breath—no doubt she was still recovering from her illness that had resulted in her being in a coma. Her heart raced and she felt disoriented, which alarmed her. Glenna definitely didn't want to make herself out to be an easy target but she couldn't fight it any longer. She doubled at the waist, gasping for air and willing her heart to stop hammering against her ribs.

"Glenna? Is that you? It can't be."  Glenna's head turned in the direction of the person that had spoken to her. She let out a gasp, "Mom?! Mom?  How, wha...how?"

"Oh, Glenna! My sweet, Glenna! I thought I lost you.  I looked everywhere for you. I've never stopped searching.

An hour later, Glenna and her mom were sitting across from a campfire, trying to make sense of everything that had transpired.  There were so many unanswered questions for Glenna and for her mom.

Heidi began to fill in some of the missing pieces for Glenna. The illness, the plan to leave everything behind.  How Glenna had collapsed and Heidi had raced to the lab for help. A trusted co-worker would have helped get Glenna to safety. But, when they arrived back at the Montgomery family home, Glenna was missing.

The government had, in fact, dropped care packages containing medication that had cured both Heidi and Scarlet. The two of them clung to each other and made a plan to find Glenna.  But, life had changed for the both of them.

As society collapsed, more and more looters began to smash windows and force entry into the extravagant home that had housed the Montgomery's for ten generations.  Heidi and Scarlet were forced to move to a small camp on the east side of where the library now stood in ruins.  Neither Scarlet or Heidi would leave without Glenna and so they stayed and watched as Anarchist gained control of the region.

Glenna's grandmother, Scarlet, lived for five years after the illness that had been dubbed, "The Culling."   After her passing, Heidi had been on her own.   In all of that time, she had been looking, searching for the daughter she had lost. Never once had she given up hope that Glenna had survived.

Confusion set in for Glenna. She hadn't trusted Mirabella and nothing she had said made sense. Why would she say that Glenna's family perished when there were survivors? More importantly—why had they taken her?

Glenna began to pour out the whole story to her mom. How she woke from a twenty-year coma. How she'd been told that her family had died.  And how the young, white-haired, red-eyed woman had made her uneasy. How she had slipped out from her home and into the night. Choosing to face Anarchist rather than stay in the presence of the young woman.

Heidi's eyes were wide with shock, "You say that a woman with white hair and red eyes was your captor? No...it cannot be. It's impossible.Young, you say? This woman is young?"  The news had visibly shaken the older woman.

Glenna nodded, "Yes, Mirabella Grimm. She is fairly young. Not much older than myself.  Do you know her?"

The color drained from Heidi's face, "Yes, dear...she was the attending doctor that delivered you.  On that night, the last face that I saw before I almost died was that of Mirabella Grimm and her  crazed red eyes!"

The Culling: The Maker's Notes (Chapter 3.5)

Glenna is settling into her bunker and I've been trying to come up with a game plan on how to tackle this challenge.  I also knew that for the aesthetic of my game that I wanted Glenna to have a choice of select men to choose from. Now, the rules state that sims may marry playable sims but not custom created.   For that reason, you have my honest word that neither Maverick nor Ames started the game with a single skill. No job, nothing.

I was a little surprised that she hit it off with Ames but from a story angle, he worked out perfectly. 

As you saw, in the last chapter, he proposed rather speedily.  Remember, I'm playing the apocalypse challenge and using the telephone is prohibited so, we had to get a jump on things when he showed up on Glenna's doorstep. 

With a partner secured, the plan is for Ames to take over Anarchist as the crime boss.

Criminal – Boss
The one thing that wasn’t destroyed by the blast was the local mob. With law enforcement severely weakened and unable to maintain order, the mob has volunteered itself to ‘protect’ the residents. The upside is that burglaries are non-existent. The downside is that this ‘protection’ has a price – everythMing you made that week. Residents are in such bad shape, that saying ‘no’ is not an option.
Whenever you are due to pay bills, pay them (if able) and then reduce your household funds to $0 using the money cheat. (Open cheat console with ctrl-c then enter ‘Testing Cheats on’ without the quotes and hit enter. Then ‘Money 0’ without the quotes and hit enter). You may not spend any money while you have outstanding bills or once the mail carrier appears on the lot until the bills are paid and the household funds reduced to 0.

Beating the mob is not an option, but if you can’t beat them, join them. As the big boss in charge, the mob plays by your Sim’s  rules. And their rules say ‘no protection payments are to be drawn from my family for life’. And when the boss speaks, the goons listen.

Then, I've decided to start Glenna is on the culinary track. Largely because I had the severe misfortune of selecting a lot that has no access to water.  While Glenna has the skill to cook the fish and  rules would allow it, it would require a loading screen to get to the nearest place to fish which is prohibited by the rules.

Culinary – Chef
The destruction in the region has cut gas lines and made the electricity grid very unstable. As a result, gas and electrical appliances can’t be relied on to cook and preserve food. The citizens of the area are forced to resort to more primitive cooking methods and living off the land to stave off starvation.

You may not purchase, place, or use any refrigerators, stoves, ovens, or microwave ovens or coolers. Non-fish items may not be cooked on grilled on fire pits. If you do not have the Outdoor Retreat game pack, you may make non-fish items on the grill, but must move a fish in your inventory to the family inventory each time you cook a meal.

After breaking the Simmish Book of World Records for hosting the largest soup kitchen for the region, your culinary master Sim attracts the attention of the world’s most famous chefs. Seeing the plight of the region they form the global food fund to ship truckloads of fresh food to the region as well as repair the gas lines and electrical infrastructure, allowing the people of the region to once again make and eat good food.

Here's to hoping I've made the right choice on which restrictions to lift first!   

Gemini: The Crime Boss (Chapter 3)

Glenna looked around her new home.  It was different than the mansion she had grown up with, that's for sure. Her mind wandered back to happy days with her family.  Her mom and dad had known somehow that this was going to happen. She wasn't sure how but she would find out what happened to them.

She pushed away the tears that threatened to spill down her cheeks as she looked at herself in the mirror.  Her appearance still shocked her. The experimental medication she had been given to halt the progression of the illness that claimed the life of her parents had changed her. 

The dark tattoos that marked her chest and back had been one last negotiation with the sleazy crime boss, Maverick.  Glenna had agreed to his terms, she would seek employment and after paying the Gemini Housing District their required fees, the rest of her funds would be turned over to Anarchist.  This would at least afford her a roof over her head and protection from the lawless citizens that controlled the town.

She also wanted these tattoos...maybe she hadn't really been in any position to make demands but for some odd reason he had agreed.  He wanted to know why they were so important to her. She had told him that she thought it would make her intimidating, giving a measure of protection.  She couldn't bring herself to tell him that they were the markings her father had worn.  She wasn't quite sure what they meant but he had told her that she would one day know their importance. 

"What could they mean?" Glenna murmured to herself.   She had no time to reflect as there was an incessant knocking at her door.

It's not like there would likely be a welcome wagon.  She knew no one in this town. Being settled in for less than a couple hours in her new home, it couldn't be Anarchist wanting their money already. No...she had another seven days before that was an issue.  Seven more days to secure a job, pay the bills and then turn over whatever was left to Anarchist.

"Yeah, yeah...stop your knocking! I'm coming!"  Glenna clenched her teeth and flung open the door.

"Maverick? What are you doing here?" Fear gripped at her middle. Getting a visit from the crime boss could only be trouble.

"The name is Ames.  Ames Willow.  I'm Mav's twin brother. I'm here with...a proposition."

Glenna's eyebrown went up in an arch, "A proposition? What do I have that could be of interest to you? I have nothing I could offer you."

Ames gnawed on his bottom lip and uncertainty seemed to flash in his eyes.  "I'm here to offer myself, to you."  He blushed and looked away.

Glenna was shocked and confused, "Excuse me? You're offering yourself  to me?  As in..."

Ames looked horrified at the conclusion she had drawn and quickly interjected, "Glenna, no...I'm not a slime bag!  Mav's family and I love him, but I'm sick of Anarchist. I want to see Gemini flourish. I'd like to see law and order.  There's only one way to do that...someone has to take Anarchist down from the inside.

 Those marks, the ones on your neck, I've seen them before.  My father ordered books to be burned with themes that he deemed dangerous.  He had appointed a committee of community members to read the books in the library and separate any that could be used against Anarchist. Maverick and I, along with a woman by the name of Mirabella Grimm and her apprentice, Titus, were appointed to this task.  I found a book written by James B. Montgomery.  At the time, I thought the book was the writings of a paranoid man.

The writings had outlined government corruption as well as paranoia about mass genocide.  I tossed the books in the flames but over the years, the words have haunted me.  I've always wondered if the symbols prefacing the book meant anything. Then you arrived, demanding not only housing but those same marks.  You share the author's surname..."

Glenna leaned forward, "I don't know what they mean and you've still not explained what you mean by offering yourself to me."

Ames' cheeks flushed, "Well, if you're anything like your father,  you'll have an appreciation for honesty, for law and order.  Everything that Anarachist is not. It is my plan to take Anarchist down from the inside and I want you to teach me everything your father must have taught you. 

Together, I feel like we can bring stability back to the community and as my wife, no one would ever think to ever harm you. 

I don't expect anything else out of this marriage. I don't expect for you to love me but I promise you, I will be faithful. I will do my best to never embarrass you, intentionally hurt you or bring you harm.  I want to be a better man, Glenna.  I think you can give me that.  Teach me about a life worth living.  Give me hope for a better future. In return I give you protection and the resources to make positive changes in our community. Together we start a revolution."

Glenna's eyes were wet with tears, "Okay, Ames.  We have a deal.  I will become your wife. I will help you dismantle Anarchist and I too will be faithful to the vows we speak. But..."

Ames studied her face, "But what?"

Glenna spun on her heel and marched back towards her bunk, "But, you're sleeping on the couch."